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Repairing vs. Replacing Your Fence

When you are trying to decide on whether replacing a worn down fence is worth the effort or not, there are several things to consider. First, you must take into account the material of your fence. Wood fencing can be repaired fairly easily when you are dealing with small holes, cracks, or discoloration. You may even replace a broken board or two before deciding on rebuilding. However, when extreme warping or extensive damage has been done, it is more cost...

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The Importance of Window Guards

Window guards help deter crime, protect young children from harm, as well as protect against burglaries. There are many people who could benefit from the added security, and there are a variety of materials that may be used to create effective, visually appealing window guards. Worth the Investment There are many kinds of fencing throughout Chicago, and often you will see window guards on storefronts, houses with second stories or more, and apartment buildings. Window guards prevent children from climbing...

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Reasons to Invest in a Vinyl Fence

Investing in a fence can protect your home or business, provide privacy, and increase your property value. However, many popular fence options require a good deal of maintenance or may not fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. A good fence contractor in Winnetka, IL, knows wood fencing comes with a lot of maintenance, and iron does not always reflect the style of the neighborhood. Elegant Wood Alternative This is where vinyl fencing comes in. Vinyl fences are elegant...

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How to Increase Your Home Value with a Fence

A house's value is never fixed, and having your local fence company in Skokie can contribute to the increase in value. Fencing...

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Picking the Right Fence for You and Your Dog

Having a safe space for your dog to roam around your yard is essential for many dog owners, but picking the right...

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Winter Weather and Your Fence

When you choose to live in Chicago, harsh winter weather becomes a fact of life. The snow and cold make your life...

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Best Looking Fences for Your Home

If you’re looking for your first home or are just looking to move from your current residence, you will also want a...

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How to Personalize Your Wood Fence

Are you interested in personalizing your wood fence in Chicago but are unsure what to do? Don’t worry, there are three basic...

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FAQs About Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials that homeowners in Skokie choose for their residential fence. At Top Line Fence, we are a fence company in Skokie that specializes in the installation of vinyl fencing. If you have been thinking about installing a vinyl fence but have some questions, here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions: Do I Have to Worry About Discoloration or Weathering? The easy answer to this is no, you don’t have...

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